Now is the time to order for This Fall. We still make them one at a time. Made in the USA

Shipping Note:

We have been working hard to reduce the wait. But we have not been able to make much headway. If you are looking for fall decoys you may want to look at this we are about 4.5 Months behind.

This means orders made:

April will be shipping in August

May will be shipping In September.

June will ship in October.

and so on.

Order your decoys now and get on the waiting list. We are currently running '4.5 ' Months behind in production of Decoys and decoy products. SO NOW IS THE TIME TO ORDER . We are a first come first serve company. Each decoy is made one at time. We want everyone to get their decoy before they need it..... so order now so you can have it for the next season... It looks like the waiting List will be staying with us.. Also be sure to check back the waiting list might shorten or lengthen at anytime.!

Special Note:

Assault Crow , Eagle and Long Liner Hooded Mergansers will ship sooner from 24hrs to 3 weeks.

They are made separate from our other products.

Assault Crowhooded merganser decoy

eagle decoy

Be proud to show you are an american and at the same time keep

those pesky geese and other birds off your piers and yard.

Great for avian control or keeping geese from landing in adjoining fields while hunting.



New product

Pintail full body decoy full body pintail decoy




Available on a limited supply. ORDER TODAY!

Ships within 4 days of order. While Supply Last.

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Assault Crow



We Offering a few new products for this season.

Just added !

Ruddy Duck Long LinerWigeon decoy

Ring Neck decoy AssaultCanvasback Decoy Assault

Blue wing teal decoy Assault

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New.... Hottest selling decoy now has "Built in Ballast weight".. No more hanging weights. The best Looking Jerk sting decoys in the world...Order now.

Motion Duck DecoyFeeding Duck Decoy


Watch the above Videos. Remember, Now with Built in Ballast Weight.

Full line of Canada and all species of Geese.

motion Goose decoyLessor Canada Goose Decoy

Foam Goose Decoymotion Goose decoy

Full Line of Teal Decoys

Teal DecoysGreen wing teal decoy traditons

Motion Teal decoyFull Body Teal

Bluewing teal motion decoyMotion Teal Decoy


Best Dove Decoys in the World

Dove DecoysMotion Dove Decoy

Dove DecoysFlapping Dove Decoy



Don't Miss Out on our Hottest Selling Decoys


Motion Duck DecoyFeeding Duck Decoy

Motion Mallard Decoymotion Crow Decoy

eagle decoy



Also Our Famous Unsinkable Line.

The "Traditions Decoys"


Bluebill DecoyCanvasback duck decoy, unsinkable decoyringneck decoyredhead decoy

Buffkehead decoyGoldeneye DecoyOldsquaw decoys, Seaduck decoys

Oldsquaw Decoy


Heads for your Decoy Too !

Herters replacement heads, Made for both the Traditions decoys and Herters Decoys.

Duck Decoys

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