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The Splashing - Bathing Jerk Decoy
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Solid Foam Decoy with a motion. One of the best motion decoys in the Duck hunting world.
Watch this all Foam decoy make ripples and waves. The top Motion Decoy for duck Hunting.    

A real mallard Bathing.

Mimics the Real motion of a Bathing Mallard

Unsinkable, Durable, Realistic

Motion Mallard Decoy, Splashing decoy
Motion widgeon Decoy, Splashing Decoy  
Put A " Mac Daddy " in your spread.

Mac Daddy Mallard How To:

Mack Daddy Wigeon Video coming Soon!

How to use anchor system

Make a Rock bag Anchor

Using Cement Block Anchor



Mac Daddy Decoy

This is a unique Duck Decoy. No other Duck Decoy in the world looks like a bathing Duck. The motion of this decoy is up to you. With a pull of the string this Duck Decoy comes to life. This Splashing decoy can be subtle with just a few ripples or you can make it splash and throw water over a whole decoy spread. Made of UNSINKABLE FOAM. Wings attach by just a push of a pin. The wings can be stored or you can leave them on the decoy. Easy to use and Brings the ducks in close. Ducks respond to Motion on the water and this Duck Decoy makes the motion on the water unsurpassed by any other duck decoy.


* Solid Plastic embedded bill

* Unsinkable urethane foam Body

* Super Strong paint

* Realistic eyes

* 14 gauge pull loop embedded into the foam

* Bills are a solid plastic insert. To create a rock hard bill system

* Textured detail for the soft look.

* Wings are made of a super strong Plastic that lasts a lifetime.


You will recieve with your decoy:

The Body

10 Foot of 400# black mono Pull string, Looped on one end with clip on the other.

6 oz ballast weight

2 way ballast weight clip

The wings

6 push pins which gives you 2 spares.

Medium Decoy anchor

Watch the anchor videos to see ideas of how to make your Mac Daddy work in your area.










Small Anchor










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