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Ure-a-Duck Decoys make all types of Motion decoys and Floating Decoys for the Waterfowl and game bird industry. The first Decoys came available to the Public in 2000. Since then has grown to offer over a hundred products for the wing shooter. The name Ure-a-Duck come from the first products being made with urethane Foam. Ure-a-duck has strived to surpass all designs and concepts of ureathane foam decoys and has created some the most unique urethane products on the market today.

Tracy "Big T " Blake is the artist, creator, inventor and CEO. Spending his whole life working in the outdoor industry. He has Hosted Outdoor TV series, Produced High Quality videos, and publish several articles and books on the outdoors. Along with love for the outdoors, his love for teaching and educating has carried him across the country filling creative minds with Video editing and Advanced Media technology. A master at Final Cut Studio Pro and Lightwave 3d. Capable of make almost anything in the 3D technology world. Retired from East Carolina University in teaching these same technologies. Now works exclusively with Ure-a-duck decoys and Marketing in the Waterfowl and gamebird industry.

The rest of the crew hand painting and making these decoys are dedicated to making them the best they can. They always look for a ways to improve the use and durability. A non stop research and development program is in place. New ideas are tested every season. The ones that succeed at convincing the game make it to the sell list the following season.

We are just starting to get the information out to the public. In the past the new products were offered to exclusive dealers only. Now thru this web site, all of the world can now purchase, learn and see everything we offer. Look for changes to be made to the site on a regular basis. Also email us and ask us to put you on the email list. We will keep you informed.

Remember: Ure-a-duck Decoys can and will be in high demand at certain times of the year. We would like to apologize to you in advance if products you desire are back ordered or out of stock. We are doing all we can to keep up with demand. We will get your decoy to you. We want you to have it as bad, if not worse than you want it. Just be patient and it will be made and sent to you. Our customers and their input are very important. We don't mind customers giving us ideas to improve our product. Just keep in mind we try and test every idea we can to make the product the best it can be. We do this with the waterfowler in mind.

Thank you for choosing Ure-a-Duck Decoys.


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