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Full body Canda goose decoy

Full body Foam Decoys
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The Surf and Turf decoy is the first decoy made for the Field or Water. With a quick change from the Field post to the Keel weight you can now use your decoy in both areas. This decoy has a patent pending design. This decoy will move in the field with a good wind. Moving back and forth like a feeding bird. In the water it floats and swims in the slightest of winds. The movement and swimming action brings GEESE IN from afar. Not recommended to be used in high wind on big bodies of water, the decoy is light. To use in High winds add more weight to the keel Clip. This is a great product for the pot holes and swamps. Put some on the bank and some in the water. Easy to use, made of unsinkable urethane foam. Highly detailed sculptures to refract light and give your decoy a natural soft look on sunny days. Natural eyes add to the realistic appearance. So If you want a Unsinkable, Guide approved and tested Decoy. The Surf and Turf's are the best you can buy. This decoy comes with the stake and snap ring for the keel weight.


Heads are coated with the T-555 Armor Coating


4 Decoys- 2 feeders and 2 upright heads
One Feeder Canada Goose
One upright Canada Goose
6 Stands for Ice. DCVR's
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