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ABOUT THE 3D Wind Ducks and Geese

All Ure-a-Ducks 3D Wind Ducks and Geese are made of high density Urethane Foam. Highly detailed sculptures with a newly Reinforced bill system.. Made with the water fowler in mind. These decoys like all of Ure-a-Duck Decoy's are hand Painted one at time. Painted with a tough combination of Flat enamels and UV protecting vinyl paints. The Decoy will Float if dropped in the water. So no worries on sinking decoys. A Great MADE in USA product.


Ure-a-Duck Decoy's
3D Wind-Ducks and Geese
Wind powered Decoy

When looking into wind powered Decoys, Ure-a-Duck Decoys was faced with a challenge of creating the best working Wind wings and body. After spending hours in the designing multiple wind driven wings and doing Patent research of what was available. The answer became obvious. The Winduk was the wing design of choice by Ure-a-Duck Decoy Company. The Winduk Decoy is a silhouette style decoy, which is still currently available and works well, I may add. The wings turned in a slightest direct wind (as little as 5mph, That is walking speed!). Once we decided which wind driven wing to use, we where then faced with the challenge of building a 3D sculpture that would make the 3D Wind-duck come to life. We then teamed up with the Winduk people for the use of the wings and created a 3D sculpture with competition style, attractive appearance, unsinkable and made of strong materials with a position that the weariest of all Ducks would respond too. Once the first Decoy was made we knew we had a hit. The Decoy worked better and looked better than we ever dreamed of. So if you are looking the best Wind driven decoy buy one and watch the duck fall into your spread.

  • The aerodynamic wings are designed to work in winds as low as 5 mph. 3D Wind Ducks and Geese cannot withstand winds over 30 mph. Do Not leave out in storms!

  • Shielded precision ground bearings for smooth, quiet, long lasting wing rotations. Ure-a-Duck Decoys recommends CorrosionX for lubrication.

  • Specially designed easily removable wings for quick assembly/disassembly.

  • Easily attaches to 1/2" steel conduit pole.