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ABOUT THE Struttin Decoys

All Ducks rise and strut, they do this to open their wing pockets so the wing will fit comfortable against the body. This is a motion once put into a decoy creates an irrefutable attractant to the ducks. Put one on a conduit pole and you increase the motion with ripples. Put one on an H-bar and now you can float your Strutter facing the wind in any depth of water. Made with the water fowler in mind. These decoys like all of Ure-a-Duck Decoy's are hand Painted one at time. Painted with a tough combination of Flat enamels and UV protecting vinyl paints. The Decoy will Float if dropped in the water. So no worries on sinking decoys. A Great MADE in USA product.


We originally designed this decoy in 1999. We built a base to float it and tested it in the field. The inherent problems became obvious. On a floating base a good wave or high gust of wind would flip the decoy. After a period of time the problems became to great. So it was taken off the market until last year when a brain storm hit the owner.

The owner of the company T. Blake was watching and Video Taping Wood Ducks coming to his Wobbler Decoy and he noticed every Woody would drop in and strut before settling down to eat. This renewed his interest in the strutter. Sometimes the obvious and simplest ideas work the best, so he thought why wouldn't this decoy work on a pole. So He went back to the shop and blowed the dust off of one his old strutter's. Then he cut the base off, got out the drill and put a hole in the decoy and headed to the swamp. Once he pushed the pole to water level, he put the old struttin Mallard on it , Turned on the flapping wings and got amazed at the ripples it created. Knowing this was the right stuff to attract ducks. He immediately went back to shop and sculpted 3 prototypes; the Wood Duck, Mallard, Canvasback. After a few months of creating and few months of making molds another duck season approached. He took his new decoy to the field. On the very first hunt the mallards all but hit the decoy when they came in. The next hunt in a beaver swamp he mixed the species, wood duck strutter, Mallard strutter and black duck strutter. The blind was made on top of the beaver lodge in the middle of the swamp. He put wobblers in groups of 3 along with matched Struttin decoys. Each group of decoys was separated by a distance of 40 yards. To his amazement, the ducks decoyed by species. Woody to the Woody decoys, Mallard to Mallard decoys and so on. He knew the difference was the Struttin Decoys. So Late last season the mallard was put on the market and the success stories with the Struttin Decoys have been no less than remarkable. Since then the other Struttin decoys have been tested using the Struttin H-bar in deep water for divers and Puddlers, and on the poles in shallow water. All of them brought the ducks in. Look for the videos "Putting to the Puddlers" and "Doing it to the Divers" to see the action over the Struttin Decoys. Every species of Stuttin Decoy made has brought the ducks to the spread. Another great idea that works from Ure-a-Duck Decoys. All of us at Ure-a-Duck Decoys can hardly wait to hunt over the STRUTTIN DECOYS AGAIN.


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