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ABOUT THE Long Liner Decoys

Made of unsinkable Urethane Foam. Hi density foam with great feather detail. These decoys are made with the Outfitter/Duck Guide in mind. Designed for day in and day out, heavy use. The low profile head series was made to prevent tangles while deploying pre-rigged Long lines. The high heads are made with special bills. These bills are hard plastic inserts, put into the mold before foaming. This reduces the chance of breaking them. Unlike other decoys on the market, the deep feather Pattern refracts light to keep the decoy from shining on sunny days. The Foam Keel helps the decoy track straight in ruff seas. Hard plastic eyes stay bright and new looking for years. The Key Feature on the Long liner Duck Decoys is the Low profile body design. We all know Divers and Seaducks ride low in the water. We also know birds look down on decoys. It is the shape and size that Ducks responds too. We also know that space is an important issue on most open Water Duck Boats. So we made the Long liner Decoy with a low profile body that takes up half the space conventional decoys do. This Decoy is not a self uprighting decoy, but easily uprighted with one tug on the the long line. This is the Top of the line Decoy for Diver and Sea Duck hunters. It doesn't get any better than a Long Liner Decoy. A MADE in USA product.



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