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" We Have used Wobbling Decoys from Ure-a-Duck Decoys for 3 years and have had more success with our customers hunts than we ever imagined. We used 5 wobblers in place of the our normal 48 and had more success. Great naural motion."

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ABOUT THE Wobblers

Made of unsinkable Urethane Foam. Most of the Wobbler line is Large Magnum sized decoys. Hi density foam with great feather detail. These decoys are made with the Outfitter/Duck Guide in mind. Designed for day in and day out, heavy use. The Wobbler design came from the need to hunt beaver swamps, pot holes, marshes, and green tree impoundments. We all know that wind can be scarce in low lying areas. Ure-a-Duck decoys studied waterfowl on the water for several years. The study was focused on ducks making ripples on the water. The realization of the amount of ripple a duck generated seemed to make a large difference in how ducks flying over responded. To much ripple seemed to make them flare, too little ripple they didn't notice. Even you as a waterfowler notice the ripple on the water way before you notice the duck making it. This was the answer a good ripple that represented feeding relaxed waterfowl. They tried numerous products to make the ripple from quiver magnets to custom made wobbling devices. After thousands of dollars of reaserch and development the best product found to make the right ripple was the wobble ball. The key was affixing in a solid position. By setting the ball in an offset position the counter wieght in the ball would make just the right amount of decoy wobble to produce a subtle but large ripple. The ducks went crazy over it.

So without destroying the quality of the decoy appearence. The Wobbling Keel was invented. In testing with pro-staff members and other professional water fowlers the results are nothing less than Great. Tom Long a Free Lance Outdoor Writer in the Water Fowl industry. Set 3 Wobbling Woody's out away from the rest of his spread to not interupt their hunt while he was taking photo's. He left his buddy behind to hunt over the spread while he took photo's of his Wobbling Woodies for a duck hunting article. Soon after he got his set up complete. He started pulling the ducks off of his buddy with just 3 wobblers. As Tom always says " It not Brain Surgery" He took the rest of the spread up and just hunted over the 3 with great success. He is totally convinced that the Few Wobblers will do the job of 2 bags of regular decoys. We at Ure-a-duck have had the same results. When we go to the swamps we carry 4-6 wobblers only and leave everything else home. So if you are tired of dealing with big spreads, get a few wobblers. Your success on the low lying, no wind hunts will be changed forever.



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