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We have a limited supply of Flappers. Only the species below.

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Green Wing Teal Decoy

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Green Wing Teal Flapper      
Green Wing Teal Decoy
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Flapping Crow Decoy

ABOUT THE 3D Flapper

These Decoys have true up and down Flapping Motion. The 3D Flappers are made of solid cast plastic, almost Shot proof. There is multiple species available. The 3D Flapper design includes folding wings. The weight makes them extremely easy to carry and transport to the field. Like most of Ure-a-Duck Motion Decoys, they sit on 1/2 EMT conduit metal poles. Most of them have a slot built into the decoy pole receiver so you can affix a setscrew in your pole to stop any twisting motion. A great way to keep the decoy facing into the wind. They all have plastic gears with very few metal parts. This makes these motion decoys very weather resistant. They operate for up to 2 hours on just 2 AA batteries. Think about that, you can carry enough batteries in your pocket to last all day. These decoys are the ultimate in motion decoy hunting. When used with Ure-a-Duck Decoy H-Bar it becomes the most versatile motion Decoy available today. The design works well as a single motion decoy in a spread. But, if you are looking for even better results use in multiples in a flock coming in set up or add the larger decoy like The 3D Wind Duck from Ure-a-Duck Decoys.

No matter what time of the season you hunt the 3D Flappers will not flare birds. As Craig Harper of Carolina Waterfowl Supply/Neuse Sport Shop of Kinston,North Carolina says “ The day that a Duck is frightened of a 3D Flapper will be the Day they our frightened of themselves


Note: They are fragile and they do need to be treated with care. NEVER try to make wings go up and down by hand. Use the switch located at the base of the wing to turn on and off. MAKE SURE you support your wing pivot point with your finger when opening the wings. If dropped in salt water, retrieve and rinse with fresh water immediately. Allow to dry Before using again. Wings are water resisitant but will damage in hard rains. We can replace motors and wings for a fee. Email us if you have an accident. We have used the same flappers for years, you can too with proper care. ” .