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Good Golly Series

These decoys are designed to replicate locked-up Landing Birds. All Geese, Ducks, Swan decoy with wings in the locked position. The only movement offered is the change of pitch or cupping of the wings. With a slight pull of string you can now replicate that movement with a Good Golly Decoy. They are not designed to Flap although you can make them Flap. The design was focused on changing the pitch the wings. Tested over and over, the Good Golly Decoys have been proven to bring waterfowl to a spread. You won't believe how great these decoys work until you try them.

Made of High density Urethane Foam and Tyvek wings supported by spring wire. With a cris cross of the wing strings in the breast eye you can clip a string on to the decoy and control it from your blind. Just a slight pull you can change the pitch of the wings to give you that extra added motion to make the decoying waterfowl look at the Good Golly action istead you and the blind. Unlike Flagging that draws the motion attention to the hunter and the blind, this decoy's action puts the attention in the spread where it belongs. Nothing works like a Good Golly.!.