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The Feeding Jerk Decoy

"The Ultimate motion Maker "

New Model now available. More coming.
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Motion Duck Decoy, Feeding Mallard decoy, Jerk string decoy
Feeding Mallard duck    

Note: We now have a new model. The ballast weight is now built into the decoy. Also they now come with plastic feet. We had trouble withe the rubber feet coming off the wire.

Mimics the Real motion of a Feeding Mallard

Unsinkable, Durable, Realistic

Mtion duck Decoy, Jerk cord decoy, Butt Decoy
Mtion duck Decoy, Jerk cord decoy, Butt Decoy, Motion Butt decoy, wigeon butt decoy.  
Mallard hen decoy
Wood duck decoy
motion pintail decoy
motion Black duck decoy  
Put A " Kicking Butt " in your spread.


Kicking Butt Mallard How To:

Kicking Butt Wigeon Video coming Soon!

How to use anchor system

Make a Rock bag Anchor

Using Cement Block Anchor



Kicking Butt Decoy

This is a unique Duck Decoy. No other Duck Decoy in the world looks more like a feeding Duck. The motion of this duck decoy is up to you. With a pull of the string this Duck Decoy comes to life. This Feeding decoy can be subtle with just a few ripples or you can make it feed and throw water over a whole decoy spread. It is an UNSINKABLE FOAM Decoy. Feet attach by just a push into the foam body ( for permanent attachment, just super glue wire). Easy to use and Brings the ducks in close. Ducks respond to Motion on the water and this Duck Decoy makes the natural motion on the water unsurpassed by any other duck decoy.


* Natural anatomy, that looks good even when not in motion.

* Unsinkable urethane foam Body

* Super Strong paint

* Realistic eyes

* Eye screw drilled into the bill.

* Bills are a solid plastic insert. To create a rock hard bill system

* Textured detail for the soft look.

* Feet are Plastic with wire imbedded.


You will recieve with your decoy:

The Body

10 Foot of 400# black mono Pull string, Looped on one end with clip on the other.

Plastic feet with wire

Medium Decoy anchor

Watch the anchor videos to see ideas of how to make your Kicking Butt work in your area.





Mallard DRAKE




Mallard HEN




Wood Duck








Black Duck






Small Anchor










Due to the demand on our decoys , Please check for waiting period on shipping. Information is on the homepage.
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