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Just pull a String and watch the head and tail come up !!

Trukey Decoy

The BIG BOSS is the best turkey decoy money can buy. With a pull of a string from your turkey blind you can go from gobbling to full Strut. Hollow urethane construction with a solid moving plastice head with extreme detail on both. The head was cast from a real freeze dried Turkey head. The body is made of High density foam. IT's tough and durable. Yet is light enough to transport. The BIG BOSS turkey decoy comes with 2 steel poles, plastic silk screen printed tail, extra wire frame to make your own real tail work and a DVD on How to put it together along with 3 action packed hunts over the BIG BOSS turkey decoy. This turkey decoy is a replica of a 25 pound Turkey with a full mature rounded look. It will amaze you when you see the dominant gobbler run to the BIG BOSS, that's right right I said run to the BIG BOSS. WARNING this decoy will cause Turkeys to respond in very aggressive manor. Be careful when setting the decoy out in areas with other hunters. Hunters will and have shot the decoy.


*When Hunting, stake the pull string with the tail up. Lower it and raise it when Turkeys are hung out of range. Once they start coming leave the tail up. IF you lower while they are coming gobblers will respond as if the Big Boss is ready to fight and may leave.

*Use a pull string that offers little stretch.

* Face your BiG BOSS into the wind. Hard winds will hold the tail up and will not let you work the tail.

* Visit the web Site often. We are working on new additions to the BIG BOSS and may soon be offering a special hen to go with BIG BOSS as well as some other interesting features.

* Transport to the field with the tail off. Watch the DVD to learn how to make a real Turkey Tail work on th BIG BOSS.


NOTE: These decoys are in Hi Demand. We Have only A limited amount Made each Year. IF you want your Decoy for an upcoming Turkey Season, We suggest ordering early. Email us for the expected time of delivery.


$299.95For a limited time!!$199.95

Big Boss Decoy and Free DVD

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