Motion Turkey Decoy
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New motion Turkey decoy with Bobbin Head


The Decoy With the Feeding head

Hen Turkey Decoy

This Decoy is a LIGHT WEIGHT Solid Foam Decoy. IT is larger than All Plastic

Hen Turkey Decoys on the market today. The detail is so real that you will have to look twice

to find out which bird in the front of the blind is alive. Works Great with our Big Boss..



The New " BOBBLIN TURKEY" DECOY... The head moves and body moves in slightest of breeze. Bobbin up and down and left and right. Looks like a real Turkey in motion. If you are tired of the same ole turkey decoys and want a real looking turkey decoy this is the one for. It feature a detachable head, ready to add a pull string for those no wind days or just when you want some extra motion. Looks so real you will be fooled by it's appearance. Made from a tough light weight urethane foam. Hanging wire is imbedded and head hook wire is too. The counter weight is adjustable and the decoy is tuned and ready. This is a must have decoy for all serious Turkey hunters. No other decoy in the world has as much realism and motion. Easy to set up. Put it on the supplied stake and watch the Gobblers come running.

WARNING this decoy will cause Turkeys to respond in very aggressive manor. Be careful when setting the decoy out in areas with other hunters. Hunters will and have shot the decoy.



$159.95For a limited time!!$139.95


Bobblin Turkey Decoy

with both a Feeding Hen Head

And Submissive Hen Head

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