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Assualt Decoys
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" Puddle Ducks"
Motion Mallard Decoy
Motion Hen mallard Decoy
Motion Black Duck decoy
Motion Greenwing teal Decoy
Motion Pintail Decoy
" Diver Ducks"
Motion Blue bill decoy
Assault H-Bar  
"SEA Ducks"
Eider decoy
  White wing scoter moition decoy  
"Geese, Brant"
Flying Snow Goose Decoy
Motion Goose Decoy
Speckle belly Goose Decoy
Brant Decoy
Black Brant Decoy
Decoy Float rig
Motion Swan
" Other Game Birds"
motion dove decoy
Eropean pigeon Decoy

Crow Decoys

American Pigeon motion decoy

Eagle Decoy


We are proud to annouce the new patent pending Assualt series of decoy. After 2 years of working with the product , we feel we have created a new decoy to revolutionize the open wing decoys. This decoy is designed with high detail and super strong wings. There is many ways to use your Assault Decoys. Watch the videos and we will periodically post more videos and images as we hunt over these same amazing decoys. Due to high demand, order your decoys as soon as possible. Make sure you are on the list. We make them as they are ordered. Fast as we are,,, during the peak of the season we may have up to 2 weeks back log. Email us, if you need to know what's in stock..





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