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The Assault DOVE

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Natural cupped up coming in motion!!!


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We do not sell Bouncing Rods ! Watch the Video to learn How to build your own.

This is the best Motion DoveDecoy on the market today. All Dove hunters know that Doves committed to a spread of decoys rarely flap thier wings . They just lock the wings with little variations in pitch and glide in. Like the wings are just floating up and down. Only stroking wings right before touching down. The Assault Dove decoy mimics this action exactly. Works great with or without a breeze. . Your Decoy comes with light wings and is ready. Other wings are available for higher wind conditions.

This Assault Dove Decoy is design to receive rods up to 1/4 inch. Watch the video on "How to Make a Decoy Bounce". You will Find an unlimited variations in heights and set up ideas. You can find steel rods to off set, at almost hardware stores or machine shops. Just remember the further you go from your conduit receiver the heavier the rod has to be... Your decoy comes with wings, body and pins pre placed, as well as 2 spares in the breast. If you order the Pair Product then you will recieve a special 2 decoy bouncing rod and primed reciever pole. Easy to assemble and shape. These decoys will work with one or two in the air. But they are unbelievable when you have a flock of 3 or more in the air. We have seen Doves just come out of no where and fall into the decoys. This Decoy can also be hung in trees. Watch the videos to learn more. Most natural looking dove decoy in the world.

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