Flapping Decoys


How to use Flappers


Battery Box

The battery compartment is located on the back of the bird. Look for the rectangle shaped item on the top of the flappers back. By lift the compartment from the backend toward the tail will expose the battery compartment. Some models of the flappers have a Velcro strip to hold battery compartment lid on the flapper. The lid will float if dropped.

Slide batteries in with the positive (+) pole toward the solid tin opposite the spring. Diagram is in the bottom of the battery compartment. Once batteries are placed, close the lid by inserting in a forward position of the lid then push the back portion down on the back until flush or tight.

Note: Batteries on most models will last for 2-3 hours. Use good quality alkaline AA batteries.





The wings are designed to fold up for easy transport. To fold wings out grab the wing in the mid section and pull level toward natural flight position. Wings will snap into place when you get close to full open. Be careful on extremely cold days the locking tab will become brittle with cold air.


To bring wings back in a folded position grab mid section of the wing and fold back toward the body. The wings should be in a mid stroke position!! Trying to fold wings in full downward stroke position could result in damaging of the folding joint.




        Attach to pole by sliding down on the hole located in bottom of the 3D Flapper.  Use the correct angle of the hole. Some of the decoys will have more of an upright position than others. The 3DFlappers are designed to fit firmly on the pole. Try a slight twisting motion to seat the decoy. You may find after a long period of use the decoy will become loose on the pole. If this happens coat the hole in the Flapper with thin layer of rubber cement. You can apply more coats if necessary to make a firmer fit.

All 3D Flappers use 1/2 inch metal EMT electrical conduit pipe. You can buy conduit pipe from most Hardware stores and Electric Supply Stores. The cost is inexpensive. It will come in a 10 ft. section. Cut to the desired length of your hunting application. The 3D Flapper ducks works best if out of the water 2.5 feet. Dove decoy pole may vary to any height. We suggest 4 feet. Paint the pole with flat black enamel paint or match the terrain to blend the pole in.    

 Example: hunting in 2 feet of water and pushing pole in 2 feet of mud with 3D flapper 2.5 feet out of water will require a 6.5 foot pole.




The switch is located above or below the right wing. Turn on by moving the switch forward. You may stop the drive motion by hand by grabbing the wings. Try to avoid prolong interruptions of the flapping motion while switch is on. Turning off the Flapper by moving the switch to the rear of the bird.