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Size: Above size Full body decoy, length 24 inches with a wing span of 29 inches

This Wind Brant wings will turn in a 5+ mph wind . Just face it into the wind and watch it do its magic. We all know that the flash of the spinning wings is a true attractant to ducks. Spinning wings have been bringing in the puddlers for years. Too the divers, brant and seaducks this concept is new and works like the first spinning wings did on puddlers. Set them on an H-Bar for Deep Water or on a pole for the shallows, either way the brant will be coming. These require no batteries and little maintenance. Just a dab of oil on the bearings now and then. It will last for years and years. It will float if dropped in the water. Made of high density Ureathane foam. With real quality detail sculpture and paint. It sits on a standard 1/2 inch metal emt conduit pole (not supplied). You can buy conduit at most hardware stores, just paint and cut to length. Be sure to put a small machine screw an inch from the top of pole, this is for the decoy to stay straight into the wind. There is an indent in the decoy receiver.

Note: This is best used with H-bar.
Try an H-Bar for big Water Hunting.
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