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Duck Decoys

Duck DecoysALL Ducks when they land and when they are swimming rise up and strut their wings. They do this to dry and open their wing pockets. So we at Ure-a-duck Decoys created a Flapping Decoy that stands upright and Flaps called a "Struttin Duck". Thus making a decoy with higher profile and more color than a regular Flapper. You can place him on single pole or on a Struttin H-Bar. Giving you, not only a taller decoy but a decoy with Great Ripple Action. Set the Struttin Decoy at water level with the bottom touching the water, turn the switch on and watch the action bring em in. A must have item for all serious water fowlers. Puddlers and Divers both love em. So Buy yours now! We carry many of the popular species.



Try an Struttin H-Bar for big Water Hunting.
Duck Decoys