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Brant Decoys

The only full body ureathane foam Wind driven decoys on the market

Works Great in your Decoy Spread. Wings Detach for easy transport.

length 28 inches with a wing span of 32 inches.

NOTE: Please email us for painting for Pacific Brants. All are painted as Atlantic Brant if no changes are requested. There is no extra charge for Pacific Brant colors.

The 3D Wind Brant is new to Ure-a-Duck Decoys. Tested for the last 2 years. These decoys where used on an H-bar in New Jersey and Virginia's Eastern Shore. The results amazed us. The Brant responded like they where on a string. We truned and decoyed Brant from several hundred yards away. Having nothing but limit hunts. We can't tell you how great this decoy is, you will just have try it yourself.

Made of high density Ureathane foam. With real quality detail sculpture and paint. It sits on a standard 1/2 inch metal emt conduit pole (not supplied). You can buy conduit at most hardware stores, just paint and cut to length.

Try an H-Bar for More Success!!
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