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A limited Supply

This is one of our most popular decoys. A must for any serious Crow Hunters. We have worked hard on makeing crow decoys that do the job on the smart critters. Also check out the Assault Crow and The Happy Hooker Crow . There is a limited supply for this season. So be sure to order before we run out of stock.


Operates on 2AA batteries, Made of a lightweight but strong Urethane Foam Body with a plastic gear assembly. The unit is tough enough for hunting but needs to be respected while handling. Aways support the pivot point while opening and closing wings. Never force wings to Flap. Make sure no debris gets in the switch and never leave the switch on when batteries die.

It sits on a 1/2 conduit pole. Can be positioned up for a fighting crow facing an owl or it can be used on a pole as crow landing. Many customers use it with one wing folded in and one out and put it on a short pole on the ground as a wounded crow. A real great motion decoy in your Crow spread.

Try Multiple Decoys for a Flock Effect
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