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Introducing the newly redesigned Pamlico Sounder Eider. This is the biggest Eider Decoy on the market. 22” x 11”. Unsinkable high density Urethane Foam with special coating T-555 for an extra durable shell. 
 Now swivels to handle any hard blow, Solid Plastic Bill, Double Wing nuts imbedded. Black area on the head is coat with the new T-555 coating. The eyes are realistic with the all the feather area of the head having heavy detail to refract light, giving the decoy a soft appearance.  

The body:
All Black areas of the decoy is  pre coated with the T-555 Coating before applying our super Flat black paint. The white of the decoy is painted with a heavy oil base paint, similar to what is used for painting Channel markers. The Keel is designed to receive any 2x wood that you choose. A slight offset is built into the Keel slot for true tracking. The keel is offered in this way for all Sea duckers to add as much weight as they need for their hunting area. YOU DECIDE on how it will ride the water with the weight you add.   We don’t want our customers to be stuck with a certain keel size. Like all of our Sea ducks and Diver decoys and puddlers we want you to be able to customize the keel your way.

WE will be offering a Stainless steel parts for those of you that really want the complete best of the best. We are currently at a wholesale price on the parts ( eyebolt ¼  by 6.5, 2 wing nuts ¼ , 1- 1.25” fender washer, 1 flat washer)  at a total of $3.34 additional per decoy. If any of you reading this thread has a resource for screws and bolts that may be cheaper please email me.

After 4 years of Trial and error and extreme testing in the field from our Pro Staff. We feel we can now offer the best Foam Magnum Eider and Sea Duck Decoys on the market. We want to thank our Pro staff for all the input, especially Steve King for the daily feedback. Your honesty made us work hard to design a guide proven product.
Thanks to all.

You can also put your new Super Magnum Pamlico Sounder Scoters on order for "A first come first serve delivery”.  Email at duckman@ureaduck.com and  we will let you know the expected delivery date. We are upgrading all the Super Magnum Scoter lines to the same new Style and with the new T-555 coating, along with all the same features we noted above on the Eider.  You know we book up on orders quick, So order yours now and get on the list.


We are trying to make the best Urethane Foam Decoy that can be found in the US today. If you think we have missed something, tell us. If you think we have the best as many hunters think we do. Than go ahead and make your order.


Per Decoy
$49.95 ea.
$18.95 ea
Per Dozen, 8 drakes and 4 hens
$599.95 dz.

Both Atlantic and Pacific Colors are available. Standard color will be Atlantic unless otherwise requested.

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