Thank you for purchasing a Good Golly Goose

“The best Goose attractant on the market”

Read the below steps for assembly and use


 In your box you will find 2 wings, Goose body with feet, Goose head, fast snap, electric tie,

and a swivel attached to the Breast eye screw.


1.    First drive a solid steel rod or re-bar 3/8 inch into

the ground. Once you have done that take a ˝ inch of metal electrical conduit pole and slide over the steel rod. The most common height is 5 feet

of the ground. If you are using more than one Good Golly Goose Decoy vary your heights from 8 feet down to 4 feet. This will simulate a flock

coming in.

2.           Now take the Good Golly Goose body and place it

on the ˝ inch metal conduit pole.

NOTE: If hunting in high wind you may need to take a small machine screw and place 1 inch from the top of your conduit pole. The decoy is

built with a groove to receive the screw. This will eliminate the twisting in the wind.

3.    Attaching the head is simple. Notice the

angle of the stem. Each head is custom fit for almost a seamless appearance. With a downward angle and twisting motion put the stem in the

receiver until the head/neck seats firmly against the body.

Note: Each decoy will have a corresponding number on the neck and body. These are number for the purpose of not confusing the head/body

if using other decoys at the same time. As mentioned each decoy is custom fit.



Look for 2 small holes on the body on the side of wing shoulders. Each hole will be identified by the plastic guide filler ( normally an off color).

Once hole are located, place the wire in the holes in slightly downward angle. Be careful not to force the wire. It will go with a little pressure.

The holes are pre-fit at an angle to assure the cupping angle of the wing . Once the wire is in the hole slide it until the wing material is against the

body. Now do the other side. The extra wing material needs to be toward the bottom of the bird.

Note: The wing material can be Velcro or glued against the bird if wings are to remain on the decoy. We advise removing the wings for flat storage

after the hunt.


  Look for the strings that come from the tip of your wing. To insert the pull strings. You take the swivel off the eye screw and place it in your hand. Grab

the string from one wing and insert the pre-tied loop thru the eye screw and clip in the swivel. Now take the string from the other wing and put the loop thru

the eye screw and clip it to the swivel. Now both strings should be attached to the swivel. The strings will now pull thru the eye screw with the swivel. By

pulling the swivel you can make your wings change position or even flap.




The last step is to put your clip on the pole with the electrical tie. It should be able to slide up and down on the pole with a hard push. Put your clip 4 inches from

the ground. Now tie your pull string to the swivel and open the clip and  drop the pull string in. You can now run your pull string to the blind.  Note we like

to wrap our pull string on a stick so it will feed out easy.

            Important: A flapping motion is not required to decoy the geese. Changing the cupped position while geese are coming in is the most effect way to

keep the eyes on the decoys and not on you.

Also Make sure you store your wings in a flat position to keep the spring steel wire wing from creating memory. This is very important!

You can take them off or undo the swivel and store with wings straight out.\


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