How to use Wobblers

  1. Take decoy in hand and turn it over until the bottom side is visible. There will be a Large Rubber Band on the Keel when you recieve it. This rubber band assures the keel will not fall out while hunting. Make note that you will need to run the rubber band over your anchor and line in order to put it back on the keel once you have turned it on and have the decoy ready to hunt.

2.         To remove the wobbling ball take the keel in your other hand and twist and pull. There is 2 dovetails in the keel one is larger than the other, notice the arrows. NOTE: These keels are glue into the cup in an offset position to maximize the wobble. That is the reason for the great motion.

  1. Once you have the wobble ball in your hand screw the top half off. You will need a small Phillips screwdriver to take the battery cap loose.

  1. Once you loosen the screw to the battery cap twist it to the side and then place the battery in the tube. Apply downward pressure on the battery and twist battery cap back on.



  1. Once the battery is in place screw the top half of the ball back on. Be sure not to over tighten and force the waterproofing O-ring over the ball.

  1. To turn it on push down on the little button on the top middle of the ball. To turn off push it again.

  1. Now place the ball in the hole in the keel of the decoy. Make sure your Dove tail is off -set when putting ball in.Once you put your ball in and twist it shut slide your rubber band over the whole keel. Set your anchor and get ready to hunt. Your decoy should wobble for 4 hours. Making duck attracting ripples the whole time.

Note: if you ever have a problem with the wobble ball just send the cup and ball back to Ure-a-Duck Decoys and we will replace it for 12.50 Plus shipping. Happy Hunting.