Diver Duck Decoys
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Duck Decoy Mallard

Made of unsinkabe ureathane foam. Sculpted with Feather detail that refracts light, avoiding light reflection, like found on most ureathane foam decoys. The body is 6lb density and the head is 141b density. The bil is hard plastic that is inserted in the mold proir to foaming, giving it extra strength. All Pamlico Sounder Decoys come with a slight turn to the head. If you order by the dozen, we position the heads different on all 12. Giving you an life like appearence to the spread. The keels are molded with the decoys. To add extra wieght to a keel attach a strap wieght or add a wooden keel. Painted with acrylics and super flat enamels. Giving the decoy a natural appearence. These decoys are designed for a life time of use.. All the Diver Species are Truly Super Magnums, Twice the size of a standard magnum.

$39.95 ea.
$424.95 dz.

When you want to attract Ducks from a Long Distance.

Duck Decoys