Happy Hooker Pigeon Decoys

Custom Colors for North American, South American and European Pigeon are Available.

Just email us and ask.

The most Universal Pigeon Decoy in the World !!!

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Happy Hooker Wood Pigeons Set of 6, Two Positions

Pair of Happy Hooker European Wood Pigeons
Happy Hooker American Pigeons Set of 6, Two Positions
Pair of Happy Hooker American Pigeons


The color of the American Pigeons is a standard Rock Pigeon, ( Dark Grey and Light Grey). There is many variations of color.

We are a custom Decoy Maker. If want other colors. Just email us at duckman@ureaduck.com . Request your color along with an emailed image of the Pigeon color you desire. We will do our best to match that color. We also sell Happy Hooker Pigeons unpainted for 15% off of cost. Email us for that quote as well.


This is the most universal Pigeon Decoy in the world. Magnum in size compared to American Species of pigeons. Standard in Size compared to European Pigeons. You can set them on the ground, Hang them in a tree, or Use the famous Happy Hooker method and crank him up on a limb or line. Look at the Happy Hooker Dove Video to see the Happy Hookers in action......

Email us on use of the Wieghted method.

All Happy Hooker Pigeons come with 10 " 1/4 rod, Y-string and swivel.