be without. Put it on a bouncing rod and watch the ducks come in. " /> Motion Pintail Decoys
Motion Pintail Decoy
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The Assault Pintail

Watch the videos to see the Assault Duck Decoy in Motion.

Natural cupped up coming in motion!!!

Motion Pintail Decoy


The " How To " Video



The Decoy in Action. Short version. Share with a



Assault Decoys

The decoys offer some the most natural movement in the hunting world. With a slight to wind these deocys will flap and swing and bounce up and down just enough to look like real waterfowl coming in. Due to the deversity in use. We don't supply bouncing rods.. Watch the videos and learn there is no wrong way. Test different lengths of bounicng rods and conduit pipes. Make your decoy move as much or as little as you want. We now supply all ducks with Heavy wings. If you choose to have light wings. We would also advise the magnets.

Have fun with the decoy that changed duck hunting.





Assualt Pintail Decoy

Light Weight Wings

4 Hi wind Magnets

Magnets are for hi-winds. Just clip the magnets together from bottom of wing to top. Do this at the wing tips to add weight and keep your wings from lifting too high in a strong wind.





We do not sell Bouncing Rods ! Watch the Video to learn How to build your own.
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