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The Assault Snow Goose

Watch the videos to see how the Assault Decoys Create the best Decoying Motion.

Natural cupped up coming in motion!!!


The Goose's view!!

Snow Goose Decoy

The Blue Phase

Blue Goose

The " How To " Video

All Assault Decoys Work work like this.

The Snows in Motion.





The Decoy comes with Heavy Wings. Great for winds as high as 25 mph. For low wind movement, you may want to get a set of Light weight wings. This decoy has the most natural motion in the arial decoy industry. Geese coming to the ground don't Flap,,, They cup their wings and float and glide in. This decoy replicates that motion.


Hunting with DOA Outfitters

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Assualt Goose Decoy

Snow Goose





Assualt Goose Decoy

Blue Phase





Assualt Snow Goose Decoy

5-15 mph

Light weight wings





Assualt Goose Decoy

5-15 mph

Blue Phase Light weight wings


4 Hi wind Magnets

Magnets are for hi-winds. Just clip the magnets together from bottom of wing to top. Do this at the wing tips to add weight and keep your wings from lifting too high in a strong wind.




We do not sell Bouncing Rods ! Watch the Video to learn How to build your own.
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