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Speckle Belly Decoy

The only full body ureathane foam Wind driven decoys on the market

Works Great in your Decoy Spread. Wings Detach for easy transport.

length 28 inches with a wing span of 32 inches.


The 3D Wind Goose Series are designed to be used in the spread as jumpers. Place the decoy at a hieght equal to the head of your full body decoy. Placing this decoy higher than this in the spread will spook your geese. You want to make the geese see this decoy as another goose in the flock trying to get to the food first by jumping over the others that are walking feeding geese.

Made of high density Ureathane foam. With real quality detail sculpture and paint. It sits on a standard 1/2 inch metal emt conduit pole (not supplied). You can buy conduit at most hardware stores, just paint and cut to length.

Try an H-Bar for More Success!!
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