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Traditions 72 ( herters style body)



Traditions Diver Body

This body is the same size of a Herters 72. It has an inverted keel slot designed to recieve a salt treated 2x4. Just cut it to the slot length and gorrila glue it in. This will make your decoy self right even if you add a heavy wooden hand carved head. This body and the Traditions decoy do not require a keel to be used. If you choose to keep the decoy light in weight just take a drill and angle it from foward of the keel slot and drill into the bottom of the keel slot. This will give you a triangle shape at the front of the keel slot that you can put your long line or decoy weight line into. These decoys come with a Flat Grey finish.

The body features light feather texture to absord sunlight. The feather texture will also work if you decide to burlap. Look at the video "Burlapping a decoy". It will show us burlapping a Traditions body.

The Head hole will be drilled to accept a 1/4 inch eyebolt. If you are using a Herters head You will need to expand the hole with a 3/8 bit about a inch deep from the top. Your eye bolt will then pull the Herters head the rest of the way. Be sure do increase the size of the flat washer on the Eye bolt to keep from pulling the eye bolt in too deep.

Thanks for looking at the next generation of the Herters style decoy.



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