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In the past there has always been a unsinkable foam decoy with a swivel head. A decoy design that stood as a prestigous item to have in your waterfowl spread. Recently the product became a part of waterfowling history and was no longer offered. We at Ure-a-Duck decoys did not want to see that style die. So we went to the sculpting table and carried that design into the modern style of decoy with more detail, better core product and a different way to attach a swivel head. So we made a tradition return with the new decoy line we call "TRADITIONS" . We hope all of enjoy the product. Here is some of the Features:

* Swivel Head

* Unsinkable urethane foam

* Imbedded wing nut and washer in the neck, for a more durable head to body attachment.

* Zinc plated eye Screw

* Inverted keel slot, designed to recieve a 2x4 wood keel.

* Can be hunted with a keel or without.

* Bills are wire reinforced.

* Realistic eyes

* More feather detail. But not so much you can't burlap it.

* Natural body shape with detailed tail.

Be sure to watch the videos on the Traditions line on the Traditions home page .


12 decoys,

2 hens, 10 drakes

Keels inserted

A pair

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